Benjamin Herren - Ph.D., Caltech, 2022
Oxidative and Internal Stress Effects of Dopants in Multilayer Yb2Si2O7 Environmental Barrier Coatings
Current Appointment: Micron Technology

Claire Kuo - Ph.D., Caltech, 2021
Customized porosity in ceramic composites via freeze casting
Current Appointment: Principal Engineer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Noriaki Arai - Ph.D., Caltech, 2021
Freeze Casting of Ceramics: Pore Design from Solidification Principles
Current Appointment: Materials Design Engineer, QuesTek Innovations LLC

Neal Brodnik - Ph.D., Caltech, 2020
Fracture and Toughening of Brittle Structures with Designed Anisotropy
Current Appointment: Post-doctoral fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara

Wei Lin Tan - Ph.D., Caltech, 2019
Polycrystalline Perovskite Ferroelectrics: Microstructural Origins of Macroscale Electrochemical Response
Current Appointment: Senior Member of the Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

Maninpat Naviroj - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2017
Silicon-based Porous Ceramics via Freeze Casting of Preceramic Polymers

Sarah Miller - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2016
Directional Freeze Casting of Porous Ceramics: Effects of Processing Parameters on Pore Network Characteristics
Current Appointment: Research Scientist, Zakuro Battery

Zhao Liu - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2015
Quantitative Analysis of Three-dimensional Microstructures of Li-ion Battery Electrodes
Current Appointment: Business Development Manager for Industry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Madeleine Wright - M.S., Northwestern University, 2015
Nanoindentation of Artists' Paints
Current Appointment: Abbott

Amanda S. Childers - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2014
Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of Interpenetrating Biomorphic Graphite/Copper Composites
Current Appointment: Honeywell Aerospace

Fabian Stolzenburg - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2013
Residual Stresses and Phase Transformations in Yetterbium Silicate Environmental Barrier Coatings
Current Appointment: 3M Company

Matthew T. Johnson - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2012
Biomorphic Graphite/Copper Composites: Processing, Structure, and Properties
Current Appointment: 3M Company

Chwan-Hai H. Hsiung - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2011
Microstrucure and Mechanical Properties of Porous Mullite
Current Appointment: Google

Noah O. Shanti - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2010
Microstructurally Tailored Ceramics for Advanced Energy Applications by Thermoreversible Gelcasting
Current Appointment: 3M Company

Bryan J. Harder - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2009
Phase Transformations and Residual Stresses in Environmental Barrier Coatings
Current Appointment: NASA Glenn Research Center

Michelle E. Seitz - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2009
Triblock Copolymer Gels - Structure, Fracture Behavior and Application in Ceramic Processing
Current Appointment: DSM

Kristen E. Pappacena - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2008
Thermal Properties of Wood-Derived Silicon Carbide and Copper-Silicon Carbide Composites
Current Appointment: Saint-Gobain

Tom E. Wilkes - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2008
Metal/Ceramic Composites via Infiltration of an Interconnected Wood-Derived Ceramic
Current Appointment: Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon, Inc.

Vikram S. Kaul - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2007
Structure-Mechanical Property Relationships in Porous SiC Derived from Wood
Current Appointment: Kimberly-Clark

Christopher M. Weyant - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2004
Tantalum oxide-based plasma-sprayed environmental barrier coatings
Current Appointment: Drexel University

David B. Hovis - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2004
Designed microstructures in textured barium hexaferrite
Current Appointment: Eaton Corporation

John K. Montgomery - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2002
Processing and Mechanical Characterization of Alumina Laminates
Current Appointment: ExxonMobil Qatar

Y. Jennifer Su Saak - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2001
Processing and Performance of YSZ-Based Multilayer Thermal Barrier Coatings
Current Appointment: Traliance

Daniel Gaies - M.S., Northwestern University, 2001
The Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Graphite Foam
Current Appointment: Naval Surface Warfare Center

Jennifer R. Mawdsley - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2000
Processing-Microstructure-Properties Relationships in Small-Particle Plasma-Sprayed Ceramic Coatings
Current Appointment: Corning, Inc.

Thomas C. Easley - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1999
Characterization of Steel Fiber/Cementitious Matrix Interfaces Using a Combination of Fiber Pullout and Moirè Interferometry Techniques
Current Appointment: Materials Analyst, S-E-A

Donald M. Baskin - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1999
Fracture Behavior of Single Phase Iron Titanate Laminate Composite
Current Appointment: Ogin, Inc.

Daniel E. Boss - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1997
The Effect of Fiber Coatings on the Residual Stresses in Sapphire/Nickel Aluminide Composites
Current Appointment: GAF

Martha Ann Boling-Risser - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1998
The Effect of Microstructure on the High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of a Self-Reinforced, Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride

Sanjeev Tandon - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1997
Fracture Behavior of Quasi-Brittle Materials
Current Appointment: dpiX

Michael H. Zimmerman - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1997
Fracture of Textured Iron Titanate
Current Appointment: Senior Manager, Engineering and Customer Operations, Lake Region Medical

Anthony Cazzato - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1995
Interfacial Mechanical Properties in Ceramic Bimaterial Systems
Current Appointment: Caterpillar, Inc.

Steve Paulik - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1994
Effects of Grain Size and Texture on the Mechanical Behavior of Iron Titanate

Dan Mumm - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1994
Toughening of Brittle Materials Through Fiber Reinforcement: Role of the Fiber/Matrix Interface
Current Appointment: Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California, Irvine

Cheryl Knepfler - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1994
Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum Based Carbides
Current Appointment: Applied Materials

Renee Christensen - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1994
Cyclic Fatigue Behavior of Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride from Ambient to Elevated Temperatures

David Jordan - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1994
Failure of Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings

Kathryn Forland - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1993
Crack Tip Shielding/Antishielding by Impurities in Alpha-Silicon Carbide

Todd E. Steyer - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1993
Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites with Modified Interfaces
Current Appointment: The Boeing Company

Yoshio Makita - M.S., Northwestern University, 1991
Determination of the Interfacial Properties in Fiber-Reinforced Composites via Model Single Fiber Pullout Tests
Current Appointment: Futuba Corporation

Wei Hwa Gu - Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1991
Microcrack Toughening in Ceramic Composites