The most recent Faber Lab safety procedures can be found here. The safety procedures of the Johnson Lab, which is also accesible to our group, can be found here.


The Faber Lab maintains a selection of equipment tailored for the advanced processing and charaterization of ceramics and porous materials at both high and low temperatures. Additionally, the lab makes use of several Caltech shared user facilities such as the GPS Division's Analytical Facility and the APhMS X-ray Diffraction Lab.

CM Rapid Temp 1700°C Furnace
1700°C front loading box furnace featuring a 13x11.5x12in³ chamber, computer control, and full data logging capabilities.

Carbolite CTF 17/300 Tube Furnace
1700°C horizontal tube furnace with 3in bore, gas flow, computer control, and full data logging capabilities.

Micromeretics AutoPore IV Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter
Mercury porosimeter capable of measuring pore size, volume, distribution, and other porosity characteristics on size scales ranging from sub-micron to hundreds of microns.

Julabo FP50-ME Refridgerated Circulator with Custom Thermoelectric Freeezing Apparatus
Chiller/recirculator capable of internal bath temperatures of -50°C connected to customized cold plate apparatus with dual temperature-controlled thermoelectric devices used for directional freezing.

SPScientific AdVantage 2.0 Benchtop Freeze Dryer
Manifold and tray-type freeze dryer capable of shelf temperatures of -60°C and condensor temperatures of -70°C featuring programmable pressure and temperature control.