Workshop Program

Given the ever-increasing pace of innovation in the 21st century, a workshop to identify emerging areas in ceramic and glass science will be held September 12-14, 2016 in Arlington, VA. The forum will bring together 45 researchers in glass and ceramic materials to share both expertise and vision in defining outstanding materials challenges across amorphous materials, oxides, non-oxides and their composites. The role of computational techniques for material design and property prediction will be highlighted. In addition, strategies of data mining will be explored as a tool for identifying new areas of study and opportunities for crosscutting research.

A report of the workshop will be published in The Journal of the American Ceramic Society with open access. It is anticipated that the report will provide the Ceramics Program in the National Science Foundation and related programs within the Division of Materials Research with a compendium of needs, opportunities and activities in ceramic and glass science.

The workshop is organized by Katherine Faber (California Institute of Technology) along with Jennifer Lewis (Harvard University), Clive Randall (Pennsylvania State University) and Greg Rohrer (Carnegie Mellon University). Support for the workshop is provided by the National Science Foundation under DMR-1619666.